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1. SWING, always. When it rains, when the kids kick us, when we realize we'll be on vacation in 6 months. In short: We SWINGUE life.


2. CONSUME FAIRLY (that's for the Planet and the economy too).
To We are Kids we want organic because We are Kids = We are FUTURE


3. COMMIT TO THE PLANET. Yes yes it is very important.
To We are Kids we prefer manufacturers close to home.


4. GET INSPIRED by CHILDREN. Yes because they are intelligent, curious, pragmatic
(not always but often yes), dreamers. And that it feels good.


5. TRAVEL. Because we looooove it!!! No need to take a plane: a book can also do the trick.


6. HELP. Who ? Different children, old people, those who are vulnerable. To We are Kids we're doing everything we can to bring a little sweetness to children who need it (and we'll keep you posted, the more the better).


7. ACT with PASSION, KINDNESS and JOY. Otherwise everything else cancels out.


To We are Kids, we promise, we are passionate and benevolent, all in joy!


The team  We are Kids